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Auswanderer nach Jamaika

Verfasst: 21.11.2005 09:08
von hikeba
Volker Hilkenbach schrieb:
Auswanderer-Daten nach Jamaika von 1834-1837


Names of the original settlers of the German township of Seaford Town (1836-37) in the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica. Two hundred and forty nine settlers arrived in Jamaica from Germany on board the ship 'Olbers" in December 1835. Their names were recorded in the 'Seaford Town Record Book' (MS-92, Institute of Jamaica) beginning in January 1836 and at subsequent intervals thereafter.


Germans wishing to emigrate in the 1800's were required by law to obtain permission: their names would then be recorded in regional emmigration lists. The names of 247 German emigrants from the province of Westphalia "bound for Jamaica" are listed here for the years 1834 and 1835. The list was compiled from one of three volumes of the German periodical, "Beitrage zur Westfalischen Familienforschung" with the subtitle "Westfalische Auswanderers". (or Contributions to Westphalian Genealogy - Westphalian Emmigrants). The publisher is "Aschendorff" of Munster and the volume is #38-39 (1981) which covers the MINDEN region of Wesphalia.