GREVE Family Book

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GREVE Family Book

Beitrag von Lynne » 29.11.2002 18:10

I just put this message also on the FamilyHistory site ( ... and thought I'd repeat it here as well.

There is a GREVE FAMILY BOOK in Norwegian!
I found a copy on the net thru a Scandinavian Used Book store.
I have loaned the book to an aunt so DO NOT write me with any inquiries, you will not get an answer!
When I get it back I will let you know if no one else has located a copyof it!

The book is in Norwegian BUT the family origins are DANISH/GERMAN!
I think the book was published around 1927/37?
I cannot read a lick of Norwegian but I saw dates back into the 1600s (maybe earlier).
I know the town of origin was just EAST of present day Denmark in Germany... (I think it started with an 'S' but I believe I also recall seeing the name Mecklenberg, Germany in the book..)

For those who don't know Danish history ... the land along the coastal areas bounced back and forth between Germany and Denmark for centuries. They even ruled Estonia/Lithuania/and oops???.
Also, most Danish and the far north Germans share the same ancestrial Tribal heritage long before countries even came into being. Case in point, the now German Schleswig(sp?)-Holstein natives are Danish!

One last thing before I go back to work...
The Greve family that compiled the book were from Bergen, Norway ... they moved there during the Hanseatic League reign (1600s/1700s).



Apr 17, '04 FOUND: 2-COPIES} GREVE Family Book

Beitrag von Lynne » 18.04.2004 02:52

Today is 17 April, 2004 ... I found the following 2 copies for sale of our family GREVE history at the following website if anyone would like to buy them ...

GREVE - INGSTAD, O. Slekten Greve. Bergen 1943. 4to. 178 s. Illustrert. Portretter. Slektstavler. Orig. omsl.
USD~ 107 · ask Ruuds Antikvariat, Oslo (NO) · RUD54286 ·

(Greve). O. Ingstad: Slekten Greve. Bergen 1943. Stor 8vo. Orig. omsl. 178 s. Illustrasjoner. Stamtavler.
USD~ 50 · ask Ruuds Antikvariat Mysen, Mysen (NO) · RUM19993 ·

These are the first copies I've seen for sale on the net since I purchased mine around 1996.